Welcome to Black Women Marketers

Empowering and equipping Black women marketers to take up space in the marketing industry.

About our membership

First things first, YOU belong here.

We’re a membership community that believes in increasing visibility among black women in marketing through talent, humor and leadership development. Together, we combine mentorship, advocacy, and accessibility to increase sisterhood in the industry.

And, we have a lot of fun doing it!

From the new graduate looking for experience to the established agency owner, from the freelance creative to the senior executive of a Fortune 500 company, we’re taking this industry by storm.

What we believe

  • Black Women Marketers shouldn’t be overlooked, devalued, or underpaid while pursuing a career or business in marketing.
  • Black women’s knowledge, opinions, thoughts, creativity, passion, and intellect are all valuable and necessary to every board room, company, organization, and creative team.

  • Black women’s names are important and creative. Pronouncing them correctly is our duty. Therefore, we don’t butcher black women’s names here.

  • Black Women Marketers perform their best when representation and visibility are evident in the marketing industry.

What you can expect

Our membership includes:

  • Our monthly homecoming week jammed-pack of events
  • Co-werking sessions  throughout the month with like-minded women
  • Guest-led monthly professional development workshops 
  • Resource Library filled with templates, webinars, and tools to help you elevate your marketing game
  • Access to membership-only industry job offers, grant opportunities and programs
  • Sisterly NDAs to protect thoughts, ideas and insight (what happens in BWM, stays in BWM)
  • Easy networking with industry women through private and group chats
  • Membership Directory & Custom Profiles (you can find marketers near you!)
  • Exclusive member-based pricing to promote events to our social media and text communities
  • Weekly newsletters with industry insights & marketing tips

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